Switched from KDE to Gnome

In the beginning (of fancy Linux desktops), I was a KDE user, because it was first.

Then I was a Gnome user, because it's what came on Red Hat and I didn't care that much.

Then Gnome 2.0 decided to remove lots of features in the name of ease-of-use, and one of the features they removed was proper Unix-style point-to-focus, which I cared about a lot more than I cared about Gnome, so I was a KDE user again.

Until last night. My KDE 4.2 plasma app kept crashing. Without plasma, I had no toolbars and no way to restore a minimized window. An hour into trying to debug the problem, it hit me that I didn't need to do this. I could just switch back to Gnome.

Sure enough, gnome 2.24 is stable. It has point-to-focus. It doesn't have a terminal as nice as konsole, or a CD burner as nice as k3b, or a music player as nice as amarok used to be before they wrecked it, but it's not crashing.

You can keep most users with inertia. It takes hard work to chase them away. Stability first. Not removing basic useful features second. New stuff last.