David Ripton's Lame Homepage

You're probably here for the pictures.

Here's a page about my fun (well, as fun as you can be in Java) programming project, Colossus. And its not-done-yet rewrite Slugathon .Here's a simple little page for calculating hit probabilities in Titan.

Here's a page all about my computer Al. (Our other computers currently lack web pages. I hope this hasn't ruined your weekend.)

nettest.py is a simple Python script to periodically log whether your Internet connection is up. parse-nettest.py will convert its logfile into human-readable intervals, suitable for sharing with your ISP's tech support when you're trying to get a refund for the 9 days that your cable modem wasn't working. (You'll need Python 2.4+ and cron.)

Here's Tchula's page, with her anime fan-fiction story.

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