Converting a svn working copy to a git-svn repo

I'm at Pycon, where we have wlan in the common areas but not in the hotel rooms (unless you pay $12/day extra). I'd like to be able to continue working on Slugathon in my room. I have a deep psychological need to check my changes in frequently.

For simple projects (one programmer, trunk only, no branches), svn is fine, until you lose your network connection to the svn server. For disconnected work on a project that lives in svn, you want git-svn. (Or maybe svk, but I don't know svk.)

Anyway, here's the recipe, starting from a working copy in ~/src/Slugathon

  1. cd ~/src/Slugathon
  2. svn status, to make sure I have no changes that aren't checked in
  3. svn info, to find the URL to the svn repository
  4. mkdir ~/src/Slugathon-git
  5. cd ~/src/Slugathon-git
  6. git svn init -t tags -b branches -T trunk URL (using URL from step 3)
  7. git svn fetch (this can be slow, for a large project, and you need net access)
  8. git log, to confirm that the history is right
  9. Ensure that the working copy has the expected files
  10. (optional) rm -rf ~/src/Slugathon; mv ~/src/Slugathon-git ~/src/Slugathon

Of course, this only helps if you know git and git-svn.  I know how to use them day-to-day, but I always have to lookup infrequent operations like this.